What To Expect From A Tax Service

It’s almost a given that any tax service will be able to prepare basic, simple returns. After all, that’s their dedicated function; they’re meant to help people without an understanding of the code complete the forms that they are required to submit, and do so in a timely fashion. But how do you know what services to expect above and beyond that very basic level? That depends entirely on how specialized they are.

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Business Services

In addition to the typical return filing, some offices may offer the further step of providing business assistance. This assistance usually focuses on business liability throughout the year which assists with compilation of a business return at the end of the year Virtual Tax Services . Having your accounting and filing in the same location can prove convenient, as the need to transfer information between two different locations is completely minimized.

If you do decide to utilize this additional feature, make sure that the business providing it has the appropriate certifications and knowledge. Most places will not offer this unless they have those certifications and have some experience. It’s also not a guaranteed product available at the typical office by any means.

Advice & Consultation

Virtually every tax service will offer some degree of added consultation or advice alongside any actual filing of returns. However, the degree of what’s offered can vary quite widely between different companies. Some of them may offer free consultation or advice. Others may charge for the service. Some are offering expanded support options for online products. It just depends heavily on the policies of that particular branch and company.


The vast majority of paid locations will offer an e-file option. Usually, e-file is only a question if you’re going to be having your return filed by volunteers at a local community center or shelter. If you’re concerned about whether or not you will be able to submit your forms electronically, your best option is to simply call ahead and ask. But be sure you’re getting in touch with people who are connected to the program you’re looking to participate in. There are many run out of community centers or other organizations, and simply calling the number for the organization lending a building won’t necessarily get you the answers you seek.

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