Company Formation Process in the UK

The process of company formation is also called company incorporation or company registration. Some of the types of companies that can be formed are Public limited company (PLC), Private company limited by shares (Ltd, Limited), Limited liability partnership (LLP), etc. The company incorporation process differs from country to country and often within different areas/jurisdictions within a particular country or city, due to different laws and regulations.

Two ways to incorporate a company are either through the paper process or online/electronic business formation. The paper process requires you to send a required number of documents and company details along with the registration fee to the company formation regulatory authority of your country/jurisdiction. The electronic process enables you to submit all 無限公司 required information and payment online, via the internet, to the registration agent of your choice. This process is quicker and enables the company formation procedure to be completed from within 3-4 days to a week. Nowadays, most of the companies in the UK, for e.g. are formed online via online company formation agents.

The company registration agent of your choice will have direct links to the company incorporation regulatory authority of your jurisdiction. Since company incorporation is a time consuming process requiring minute details, it is convenient for many firms to register themselves via an agent who effectively handles the whole process, submitting the details of the company and registering it with your local governmental authority.

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