In the Hoodies – The Men’s How-To-Wear Guide

Men’s hoodies have got a bad rep of late: from the association with youth gangs to PM David Cameron’s ‘hug a hoody’ campaign, the fashion staple has had its name dragged through the mud. But don’t be deterred, for the hooded top remains a versatile men’s style staple – and this season there are multiple ways to wear them.

Bad Bunny Shirt | Etsy

Arguably the most iconic – and certainly the most current – way to wear the men’s hoody right now is to take it back to its hip-hop styling roots Bad Bunny Shirt . Infused with skate culture, and alongside the current craze for street dance movies such as Step Up 3D, the ‘hooded tops paired with baggy cargo pants’ look is having a 21st century revival. To pull off this trend, you’ll need to buy a size up – rap stars like their hoodies big and baggy – and style it up with oversized baseball caps, sweat bands and a pair of pristine white trainers.

With autumn setting in, sartorial thoughts invariably take on a ‘back to school’ mentality and, with this as its cue, an alternative way to wear your men’s hoody is with a preppy twist. Take the all-American college jock as your inspiration for this look, which should be smart yet with a sporting, youthful twist. Well-cut jeans, loafers and brogues on footwear, and tan accessories are key to getting the look right. Yet the ultimate clothing combination comes in the form of a sharp, tailored blazer worn with a hooded top underneath and poking over the collar, a pairing which has the benefit of being both cool and cosy.

Of course, the ways to wear hoodies don’t end here; from lazy Sunday mornings paired with pyjama bottoms for sofa lounging to the item’s original, practical use – simply keeping warm – the options are endless. So go forth in the hood!

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