Submitting & Optimizing Photoshop Tutorials

This tutorial is made to teach Photoshop tutorial owners about successful optimization, submission of your tutorials and receiving the most views possible.


Photoshop tutorials are made to teach your knowledge to other users who might want to learn new techniques and improve their knowledge of Photoshop. Millions of users use Adobe Photoshop daily to make better professional graphics. Photoshop users include photographers, Web Designers, Sketch Designers, 3D Designers, and Architecture Designers who are always searching for tutorials to better use the Photoshop software. Submitting your Tutorials are also a good way to get more visitors for your website, usually the first one or two days can get you at least 5,000 views if your tutorials are optimized professionally. Most of the Designing websites start by submitting their tutorials to let users know that their website has resources that can help them. If you have a small web designer’s community or just started one, then you should use this technique to get more users for your website and promote it for free as well as help others.

Getting Started

Start of by picking your favorite tricks which are useful for beginners and professionals, easy to accomplish, and are something unique that you never seen in other tutorial websites, it’s always great to share your knowledge with other folks. They will appreciate your hard work and effort you have put on your tutorials.

Start off by searching the tutorial websites for your tutorial name or trick you are going to use, to see if your idea has already been published. If there wasn’t any tutorial listed for your trick then it’s your turn to teach your technique to the world. Try your trick first before going to next step. Look at the different approaches to your result, note all the easy steps and write them down somewhere. Find the shortcuts for your steps, because most professionals prefer shortcuts rather then going menu to menu. If you provide shortcuts, then also provide both PC & MAC shortcuts. If you are not sure about some shortcuts, then look at Adobe Help.

Your next important step is to create a thumbnail for your tutorial as you try your tutorial. Tutorial Thumbnails appear with your tutorial, They show what your tutorial is about “One picture is worth 1000 words”. and also most of the users are drawn into tutorials psychically with nice looking professional thumbnails, so you should work hard on creating your thumbnail and selecting the best result of your tutorial for your thumbnail, do not use plain text or pictures for your thumbnails, without effects, it makes your tutorial kinds useless. Make sure you resize your thumbnails to 40-45 Pixels Height & Width, JPEG, GIF Format or they would not be accepted. It’s always a good idea to export your 導師 thumbnails to both Gif and Jpeg formats, because of different submission policies in different Tutorial websites.

Your next step is naming your tutorial, pick descriptive words for your title, which explains your tutorial or technique in 2 or 3 words. Remember, your title should be competitive, which would get users to view your tutorial. It acts just like your website’s Title. You cannot change your tutorial’s titles after submission, so it’s your only chance to choose your best title. Do not go more then 4 words.

Your next step is to write a short description for your tutorial. Your description should tell the users a little about your tutorial, include information about what technique you are going to use, how it is going to be useful to your visitors and if there are specific requirements for your tutorial, like: version, plug-in, etc. Keep your description short but explain your steps in one or two sentences.

Choose the best matched category for your tutorial, you wont be accepted if your tutorial is submitted to a category not related to your tutorial. If you are not sure about the category, look inside each category to find similar tutorials as yours and find an appropriate category. If you are still not sure, email the webmaster of the website to ask for a new tutorial category or suggestions about which category to submit your tutorial.

Always include your website name with a URL to index of your website when you submit your tutorials. Don’t forget to Put a link to your tutorials index in your tutorial pages, this will send viewers to your older tutorials and it might be useful for them. Most of the viewers read more tutorials from websites they are referred to.

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