TOEFL – Essential Tool Required For Overseas Education

Test Of English as a Foreign Language is commonly known as TOEFL. This test is conducted to examine the ability of understanding the English language by the students who do not have English as their native language. It helps evaluate how well an individual can speak and write English. TOEFL is the first step required by an individual if he or she has plans to study in an overseas university. In other words, it is imperative to clear TOEFL by a student who belongs to a non-English speaking country to get admission in a foreign university. TOEFL is a standardized test assessing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of English of a person whoever appears for the test. About 6000 universities, colleges, or business and professional schools from nearly 140 countries of the globe require TOEFL scores from each applicant.

TOEFL is conducted by a registered body called ETS (Educational Testing Service), based in US. The organization has been taking all the responsibilities from developing to administering the test, setting questions, conducting the test 留學顧問 and sending each examinee the score report. ETS has appointed several Testing Agencies across various countries who act as franchisee for ETS and conducts TOEFL test. In India, the assigned agency is called “Prometric Testing Services Pvt Ltd” which responsibly administers the test at nearly nine different centers like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Allahabad, Calcutta, Chennai, Tiruvanantpuram, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Mumbai. For students in India, the cost required in appearing for TOEFL test is somewhere near to USD 165 that also includes the cost of score report. From 2006, TOEFL test is also conducted as an Internet based test in India.

Now when you have got information about TOEFL, the next step comes is, its application. How to apply for it? This is an issue concerned with those who do not know that its application can be simple. One just needs to get “TOEFL Information Bulletin” from Prometric Testing Services as well as USEFI, where it is available for free. Or you can request the bulletin from Infozee which will be delivered at the address given by you. Registering for TOEFL can be done in three ways:

o Registering by Phone
o Registering by Fax
o Registering by Mail/Courier

Unlike other tests, computer based test for TOEFL is held all round the year. And the best part about it is that you can select for a date and time as per your suitability. The test is usually conducted for five days a week, from Monday to Friday, and at two different timings in a day. It is advisable to get yourself registered at least 90 days prior to the date you have decided to appear for the test.

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