Review of the Samsung M02

The Samsung M02 is one of the hottest mobile phones in the UK today. It has several features that are unique to a mobile phone such as a large QWERTY keyboard, which allows it to be used as a personal computer Samsung M02 . But can the Samsung M02 do everything that the user wants? If you’re looking to buy Samsung M02 online, you need to know a little bit about the product first. There are some things that the Samsung M 02 can’t do, and you want to make sure that you’re aware of them before you shop so that you don’t waste your money.

  • RAM – Samsung has limited the amount of memory that this particular mobile phone can access. The Samsung Galaxy S has one gigabyte of memory for it’s mobile phone. This phone’s memory is not anywhere near as powerful as the one that you will find in the iPhone or the Play mobile phone. The reason why the Samsung M02 price goes up with the increase in memory capacity is because it has two different models. The first one has a single gigabyte of memory while the second one has a two gigabyte model.
  • Camera – The one thing that the Samsung Mbender can’t do as well as the iPhone or the Play is take photos. It does have a built in camera but it isn’t anything special. In fact, the pictures on this mobile phone are pretty much just like those that you would take with an ordinary point and click camera that you would find in your local Wal-Mart or CVS. There isn’t much difference between the picture quality and you would have the same results by taking pictures with either of these phones. There is really no need to buy samsung mobiles with cameras that aren’t going to do the job.
  • LCD Screen – The screen on the Samsung M02 isn’t very large and although it is bright, it isn’t very sharp either. You will be able to view the camera from up to sixty feet away, which is far more than the six.5 inches that the iPhone can offer. Because the screen is so small, Samsung allowed for a bit of battery life that was only available on the higher end phones. You will be able to view your pictures at their best if you download the images to your computer and then print them out. Then you can make a nice large print out of them if you want to take them to a photo shop.
  • Poor camera Performance – The camera on the Samsung M02 doesn’t have very good quality. It takes a few seconds to start up, there isn’t a visible display indicator in the camera lens and the pictures that you take with this phone are grainy at best. If you really want a quality digital camera, you’re going to have to buy one from someone that makes them with higher quality electronics. The screen on the Samsung M02 is just average, which is what you would expect from a mid-budget smartphone. The camera’s picture processing isn’t anything special, and in fact, it performs about the same as other phones that cost a similar amount.
  • Poor Sound Quality – Samsung sent us the Meningua Blue version of the Meningua which unfortunately has a very small text font. When we use the Samsung M 02, the sound is much softer and the sound card really didn’t perform too well in terms of sound quality. It seems like they tried to make the biggest font possible but it just doesn’t work. The sound quality of these mobiles is just not what it should be. This is a major problem if you plan on using the Samsung M02 for sound recordings.

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