How Technology Articles Change Your Life

There are many people who really do not concern themselves with the online content and all the great information that is readily available for technology fanatics for absolutely free. There is something to be said about the printed word, but the fact that this information is old by the time that the magazine hits the news stand is just not good enough for some of us. If you love reading tech magazines, then you probably also take in information from at least one technology blog as well. The tech magazines are great resources for an roundup of what has been happening in the tech world if you are one of those readers who like to get the summary of what’s hot in tech and some of these publications really do a great job by adding value to their content by giving readers useful how to articles and so on. However, if you are hunting for the latest trends, gadget releases and tech product reviews these magazines simply are no substitutes for the online articles on technology.

The online community can get information to their readers in seconds literally Sherry Dyson. Once they have received a hot tip or leaked information it only takes as long as it takes to write the article and post a picture to deliver this information to all of their readers. There has never in the history of “news” been a way that content producers could stay in constant and immediate contact with their consumers as fast as the internet has shown us. So how does this change your life? The speed that online content delivered and the quality of the technology articles that are available on an everyday basis have grown leaps and bounds in the past few years, mostly because of the high level of interest and competency of the publishers and writers online. This has lead to a constant feed of up to the minute information that shapes our lives in many different ways.

Content Management Systems can be particularly awkward when it comes to performing Search Engine Optimisation – however, and luckily, one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world, WordPress, has a number of customisation features you can utilise to make your website more search engine friendly and drive higher rankings in search. When optimising your WordPress blog it’s important to consider a range of factors, notably whether or not you can add custom page titles and meta descriptions, how accessible your website is to search engines and whether any canonicalization problems exist. It’s also important to consider your URL structure.

One of the first things many new WordPress administrators look to do is edit the page title and meta description data for each of the pages on their WordPress blog. Unfortunately this functionality is not available as standard in WordPress and you need to add a plugin in order to be able to gain full control over this process. Some of the more popular SEO plugins include the all in one SEO pack or platinum SEO – both of these plugins will enable you address indexation issues on your WordPress blog and add custom page titles and meta description data to your pages and posts.

Another important factor to consider is the permalink structure of your blog. The format used for standard WordPress URLs is an ID, not only is this not all that user-friendly, it also doesn’t provide any SEO benefit. You can change the standardisation of URLs by access the permalinks option including under the main settings menu in your WordPress Admin.

It’s advisable to think in advance before doing this. For example, would you like one day to feature in Google News? If so, then you will need to create a unique three digit URL for each post you make to your site (the alternative is to upload a News Sitemap). In order to feature in Google News it’s advisable to include the post_id option in your URLs.

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