Payment Processors Avoid Online Betting

If we look at what happens around the world, we can notice that payment processors only have a limited involvement in online betting. This matter has been upgraded since the launching of the online payment service Checkout belonging to Google. Before the launching of this service, there used to be analysts which foresaw Google’s involvement in online betting processing. Years ago, PayPal decided not to process the payments related to this industry. If Google had involved in this, too, PayPal’s position on the market would have been seriously threatened.

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However, Checkout showed the fact that the Americans don’t want to process any gambling activities and the market was left to unspecialized processors สล็อตเว็บตรง . Neteller, a company which has its headquarters in London, processed 7.3 billion dollars in online betting last year.

As for Goggle’s decision, there are also other motivations apart from the puritan motto of the company. In the United States of America, the laws which apply to online betting are extremely vague. The American Congress brings up a new project almost every year, projects which suggest that the payments related to this activity should be forbidden and that they shouldn’t be processed. The Department of Justice of the United States of America also formulates constant warnings addressed to the most important players on the IT market not to support this activity.

As you can see, online betting is not highly appreciated in the United States of America, at least not when it comes to payments and any other financial details.

There is no doubt that the online bingo phenomenon has become a popular past time for millions of people both in the UK and worldwide. With thousands of bingo websites popping up all over the internet, how do you choose the best bingo site?

Simple…. use a bingo comparison site that gives you the low down on each bingo company.
What to look for when choosing a website to join?

Free Bingo – Many websites offer free plays during certain days and times. This is a great way to get a bit of practice in if you have never played before. As well as free plays, you can also get free money. The majority of sites offer a free kitty when you sign up to them. The amounts could be from as little as £15 to £50. Comparison sites will help you to clearly spot the best sign up bonuses.

Secure Payments – No need to explain why this one is on this ‘must have’ list. All websites that deal with money and sales must do so using secure merchant services. When giving financial information over the internet you need to make sure the website is scam free.

Chat Room – You might not consider a bingo website having a chat room to be an important requirement. As well as having a social network advantage and a place to meet people, a chat room will also consist of reviews about the site. Members of the chat room will share experiences and opinions about the site. This will help you to decide if that particular website is for you!

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