Bringing Light to Where the Sun Does Not Shine!

These days everything appears (no pun intended…just wait you’ll see) to qualify for a beauty makeover. Now, coming to the land of where the sun does not shine is the procedure called ‘anal bleaching.’ I kid you not, anal bleaching has now gone mainstream (Ahhhh, get the kids in the house! Lock the doors! Put up the shutters!)

Actually, this beauty procedure has been around for awhile. Porn stars, models and Hollywood actors who wanted (or required) the questionable status of a cute ‘peek a boo’ (peek a boo is something I just made up) line up back to back, so to speak to have the procedure done Shibuya Kaho . I for one cannot imagine any kind of bleaching that would make my anus attentive enough to show off so I would presume that I am firmly a ‘glamour don’t!’

As if this subject (and object) is not sensitive enough, the bleaching entails applying hydroquinone to the darknened area. This procedure is offered by a number of plastic surgeons in guess where? In and around the Hollywood-Los Angeles area, yet soon to be near a plastic surgeon near you (can you imagine, just like Starbucks, a clinic for bleaching on every corner, yippee!). There are also DIY kits for those who prefer to some privacy (?) to whiten their anus.

It is incredible the number of times I can mention anus in this article and still wiggle with discomfort…oh wait, I’m sitting on my son’s toy! Now, I will admit I got my teeth whiten. My teeth look great! Now, I flash my teeth by smiling all the time (even when it is not necessary) I receive compliments on my smile daily Now, if I were to brighten my anus how could I, an ordinary American share that joy with the world? Since I am a comedian I would want people to know! Comedians want attention (for proof of that take this article for instance) For what I paid for the procedure as I am positive it is a expensive deal, people would HAVE TO KNOW!

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