The Daily Horoscope and Freedom of Choice

Astrology is the science of prediction of events that may occur with human beings, animals, plants and inanimate objects. As tools for this forecasting astrology uses the study and analysis of stars and planets. Those who are able to tuvisomenh understand how the planets and stars influence upon terrestrial matters can predict the future of people. Horoscope is a graphic representation of the heavens and celestial bodies. Horoscope demonstrates the relative positions of the stars and planets associated with a particular moment and represented by conventionalized celestial map over a particular site. This map is necessary for forecasting the future events on the grounds of the astrology laws and rules.

Daily horoscope allows to make available existing information about the present state of the art and to forecast future events. Practically, astrologer construes horoscope addressing to various systems of interpretation such as the arrangement of signs of the Sun and calendar connotation of an event occurrence. In case of an individual horoscope, astrologers take the date of birth and project it to additional astrological information in order to study the character and predict future events. Interesting is the fact that each planet or star possess their individual character that is in constant change depending on spatial connections with other planets and stars at an analyzed moment of time.

Taking into account that all cosmic objects are associated with each other by means of countless links, these celestial bodies produce their particular influence on the newborn. In visual horoscope the heavens usually correspond to a circle separated into 12 segments known as houses. The houses correspond to various areas of human existence, such as prosperity, health, family life, work, career. The planets that belong to a given house produce a particular influence upon objects and events related to this house.

Essence and importance of astrology today

Astrology can foretell the everyday events and human destiny based on the affirmation that the celestial bodies, being in constant dynamic interrelationships, determine and point to changes in the universe. Another idea and principle of astrology substantiates an unconditional partition between the perpetual, spherical movements of the celestial bodies and the restricted, linear dynamics of the principal terrestrial elements such as earth, water, air, and fire. Particular relationships can be detected between individual stars and planets, their various sophisticated movements and trajectories, patterns of associative links with each other and the events of creation, appearance and decomposition observed in the spheres where earth, water, air, and fire predominate and operate. In some cases these associations are so intricate and multifaceted that human brainpower is unable comprehend them in full. Moreover, astrologers affirm that the element of fire expands through the universe in space and time and this makes believe in divine interference in the ordinary processes and events upon the Earth. Thus, astrology designates tendencies and paths that can undergo changes as a result of divine and even human will. The case is that the motions of the celestial bodies rule merely the essential material matters, but the soul remains free and can choose between the good and the evil in this way realizing his freedom of choice. Some philosophers of astrology affirm that the final and decisive goal of each human being is to achieve emancipatory freedom from material world dominated by astrological constituents. Therefore, some experts in astrology state that the stars and planets reveal the will of God to those enlightened personalities who are prepared and initiated in interpretation of astrological symbols.

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