Discover How Anyone With Absolutely No Money Can Make A Fortune Online Without a Website

Here’s an amazing opportunity for you to make some money, even if you don’t have a dime to your name. It’s possible for you to start earning over $1,000 within the next 24 hours.

I am taking about making money with affiliate programs, now I know you may have tried it in the pass to no avail or you may be trying it right now and you are a little disappointed because you haven’t made any money yet.

Well the reason you haven’t made any money is that you are doing it all wrong f95zone . If you are promoting the affiliate program directly on or offline using , magazines, classified ads, direct mail or online promotions you undoubtedly have been using the affiliate link that was given to you.

You were told in order to make money, you needed a website and have your affiliate link to it godaddy email . Has it worked? You found out that banners don’t work either. Those FFA sites, forget them, all they do is fill your email with spam. Don’t waste your time with free classified sites. The lookers are only picking up your name and email address as a lead source to try and market their product and services to you.

Here’s the problem why you haven’t made any money, everyone that sees your affiliate link knows what you are trying to do and they will exchange your link with theirs and steal your commission. You need to take certain precaution to insure that you get paid and your link in not recognizable.

Stop marketing the product or service through the affiliate link, you can’t make money this way. This article is design to give you the knowledge you need to totally turn your business around so that you will know how to start making a large chunk of money.

I am part of the growing population of people who are looking to earn a living working from home on the internet. I am constantly looking for new and better ways to earn some income. I participate in multiple forums having to do with affiliate marketing and working from home. Very few people participate in reseller programs and I think they are missing out on some big-time money.

A reseller program is as simple as it sounds. You become a retailer for a particular company. This is different from an affiliate program because you set your own prices, in some cases you even handle the billing of your customers and then you are charged by the supplying company for what you sell. Let me be more clear. You sign up for a web hosting reseller program for example. That company will then tell you what you are allowed to sell for their products and how much they charge you for each account. Then you create a website (in some cases) and you put the products on your website. A customer signs up for the service through your website and you take payment. Then you need to go to your reseller control panel and enter all the customer’s information and the supplying company then sets them up for the hosting program they chose.

I chose web hosting as the example because that is what I have researched and signed up for so far. There many other opportunities however. Some of the hosting companies will provide you with a website and all you do it build it to your liking and set your prices. Others will just let you know which of their products you can sell and how much they charge you, like I mentioned above. Then you need to go in and enter all the customer’s information when you make a sale. Some programs are free and other charge for membership and a set-up fee. I researched the following: They are one of the companies that require you to put their products on your own site and then you need to enter the customer’s information in your control panel when you make a sale. They only allow you to sell one hosting package. So, if you want to give a lot of options to your customers you either need a different program or use numerous programs, which can be confusing. There is no charge for this program. I got no response on one communications with them asking questions about the program and a terrible answer on a second question. This concerned me a bit because how helpful will they be if I have a question concerning a customer’s account. This is one of the better programs I researched. They also do not give you a website, you would have to put their products on your site. No charge for this program either. They had very good prices on their programs. They also had a live person communicating with me via email to answer my questions. What I didn’t like about them is the fact you had to prepay for the accounts. In other words, I would have to buy, let’s say 10, hosting programs before I even sold one. The more you bought the cheaper they were. They were running a special, if you bought 10 you got 10 free. So, for 20 programs it would cost me $500. This is $25 each for a year. The problem is, they were only good for one year from the date of purchase. If I didn’t sell them all for some reason I lost them and had to buy more the next year. – On the surface a very appealing program. They claim for a one-time set up of $99 you get a fully functioning website. So, I signed up with them. That $99 got me NOTHING. I couldn’t resell, I couldn’t even host my fully functioning website. So, I called and found out I needed to spend another $99 for the ability to host the website. It sounded reasonable and I was assured this is all I needed to do. WRONG! I had a website now but still did not have the ability to resell anything. That was yet another “upgrade” and charge of $25. I went for this as well. I now had all the access I needed. They failed to explain however that the 7 hosting plans they show pricing for in their initial sales pitch you do not have the ability to sell. They only give you 3 options and 2 of them are eCommerce. For $225 I figured it was a good deal if I had access to all 7 of the packages they offer. I have since requested my refund and would not recommend this program to others.

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