Fun Blog Marketing Methods

You’ve been blogging for a while now, but you want to take your blog to the next step. What do you do? Start marketing your blog. Spread the world about your blog and never stop.

Blog marketing is on-going, it’s equally as important as your content. If you have good content, but don’t do any marketing your blog won’t be successful. If you market like crazy, but never update your blog it won’t be successful. You need to spend time creating well written posts and even more time promoting your blog. Just because a blog exists doesn’t mean it’s easy for everybody to find.

Blog marketing isn’t hard it’s just time consuming. Although, it’s also up to the blogger. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time promoting your blog, that’s your choice. If you have a lot of time to put towards promoting your blog, the more successful it will probably be Not only does the blogger have to spend a lot of time promoting, it can also take a little to notice the results.

Most bloggers use the same ways of promoting their blog such as improving their search engine rankings and exchanging links. However, there are other blog marketing methods that are more exciting.

The first is pretty easy. If something newsworthy happens and it is related to your blog topic, make a post about it. Then if people are searching for information on the event, they may come across your people. People are always checking out current events. That is also something to remember. Don’t bother posting about old news. Post current news, that people will be very interested in.

A great way to market your blog that many people don’t do is conduct interviews. Interview people that are authorities in the market you write about. You can turn your interview into a question and answer post or turn it into an article. People will be very interested in reading an interview. You can even put the post on an article submission website and include a link to your blog at the end. A lot of people look on article submission websites and having a link to your blog from one of those websites improves your search engine ranking. This has the potential to drive quite a bit of traffic to your blog.

Another marketing method that most bloggers don’t try is sending out press releases. A blogger can go online and find out how to write a press release or hire someone else to write it and send it out. It usually doesn’t cost that much either. A press release about your blog can be sent out to news websites and published. Their readers will read it and check out your blog.

Most bloggers take advantage of using comments on blogs and it really is an effective way to market a blog. Always responds to any comments left on your blog by readers. Also, search for blogs that are in the same market as your blog and leave comments that include a link to your blog.

A fun way to promote your blog is to hold contests. Even if it’s just something really simple, people love contests. It will keep people coming back to your blog and if you are giving something away your readers may even tell their friends to check out your blog. If you just get people to go on your blog once, they may like it and become a regular reader.

Among thousands of blog posts put out everyday, how do people decide what they will read? It may not be the only factor affecting people’s decision, but there’s a very good chance people judge your post – and perhaps your blog by your titles. A good title grabs people’s attention, makes them look twice and take a few minutes to click through to read. A bad one… well, doesn’t even register on the radar.

Blog titles are like the headlines of an ad, magazine or newspaper. These publishers spend a good amount of time crafting their headlines – so should you. However, there is good news and bad news. The bad new is, writing headlines is not always an easy thing to pick up. It takes practice.

The good news, you can make use of the old strategy of building a swipe file. This is a collection of good titles and headlines you come across. Even better, it does not cost you any money and very little time to start one. Here are 5 ways you can begin building your file.

Watch TV. Next time you watch the news on TV or your favorite shows – in particular documentary types. Pay attention to what they are saying before the commercial break to get you to stay tuned.

Re-tweets and shared links on social networks. People love to share the good stuff. If you pay attention to what your social network shares, you will see that good content is almost always accompanied by good titles. Save the ones that you actually click through to read because of the titles.

Magazines. These publishers have had years of practice in developing headlines that not only get attention but get people to buy the magazine. Clip them.

Scan your RSS reader. This is pretty obvious but instead of heading straight to your favorites. If possible, view all posts to all the blogs you are subscribed to in chronological order. This way it’s harder for you to gravitate to your favorite blogs and give all posts an equal chance of getting noticed. Do not display the excerpts, just the titles and see what really jumps at you at first glance. Save those.

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