Topic Selection

The first step in your research is choosing a topic. It may be difficult to choose a topic that is worthwhile. You need to keep it short and concise enough to be engaging, but broad enough to provide sufficient information.

1 Research tip: Choose a topic you are interested in. This topic will be your main focus for several weeks as you research, read and write. You should choose something that interests you and makes you happy. In your writing and presentation, your attitude toward your topic will be evident.

Brainstorming can be a useful technique to generate new ideas. Here are some brainstorming exercises and resources that can help you generate research topic ideas.

To help you come up with topic ideas, ask yourself these questions:

Are you a strong voice on current political or social issues?
Have you recently read or seen a news article that interested you?
Are you looking for information on a personal problem, interest or issue?
Do you have a particular aspect of one of your classes you are interested in learning more about?

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