Barbie Dolls For Your Little Angel

Barbie dolls have been around for fifty years now and are still as popular, invoking a sense of excitement among little girls across the world ラブドール . They are considered to be an icon of US culture by virtue of the way they epitomize stylish clothing and way of life. Barbie’s free spirited charisma has enticed young girls the world over.

Barbie was first introduced in the year 1959. It was manufactured by Mattel Inc. and created by Ruth Handler. The creator’s inspiration was her daughter who seldom liked playing with baby dolls and often played with paper toys taking form of a grown up girl. This led to the concept of the exquisite doll who was named after Ruth’s daughter Barbara.

It is believed that the shape and form was inspired by a German doll named Bild Lilli. But the new doll was so exquisitely designed that it soon became a sensation and successfully replaced the then popular, Lilli doll.

Barbie is a beautiful blond who attends the fictitious Manhattan International High School in New York City. She loves animals and owns more that 40 pets including cats, dogs, panda, a lion cub and a Zebra. She loves to drive around in jeeps, convertibles and trailers.

Barbie has a Pilot’s license and is actively involved with commercial airlines and also serves as a flight attendant. She loves to keep her home neat and tidy and is a homely character. This aspect is exemplified by numerous game sets like kitchen, bedroom, spa, clinic etc… which stand as a testimony to her multitasking abilities.

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