The Truth About How the Miracle Banana-Diet Works For Weight-Loss

If you love this yellow tropical fruit, then you will surely love this so-called Miracle Banana Diet. This diet is not exactly new, and in fact, it may have been given other names but the main star of the diet is simply banana.

It is a known fact that banana is a highly nutritious fruit. But to have a successful diet plan, you should be able to know how many pieces of bananas you need to eat and how to incorporate it in your meals so you will be able to lose enough weight.

Accordingly, this banana diet plan requires that you have to consume two bananas before breakfast and another two bananas before lunch. Then just before dinner time, you need to eat one more banana for the day a course in miracles. So, your total daily consumption of bananas is up to 5 pieces. Thinking about it, are you sure you will not get bored eating all those bananas?

One more requirement for this diet is that you must not eat after 8 o’clock in the evening. Of course, no more midnight snacks. You should realize that eating late at night will certainly increase your weight since your body is incapable of processing those foods right away a course in miracles book. Your body is getting ready to sleep, so it is not a good thing to eat before going to bed.

What are the pros and cons of the Miracle Banana Diet?

This diet focuses on the nutritious elements of the fruit which aids in weight loss. As we all know, banana is loaded with potassium and fiber. Filling your stomach with fiber would definitely make you feel full for a longer time, thus it will regulate your appetite and even the desire to nibble junk foods as well. As this banana diet is being visualized to work that way, it will really make you lose weight without difficulty.

However, the downside of this diet plan is that, there is no clear restriction on what foods to eat. It is only required that you should eat bananas before meals. So, does it mean that it is alright to indulge on sodas, potatoes, chips, cookies and burgers just as long as you eat the bananas first?  Definitely not! Junk foods will always make you gain weight. You will just waste the whole idea of incorporating the Miracle Banana Diet in the first place.

Today we will explore the life of one of the sporting world’s greatest celebrities:- Lance Armstrong. But we will be examining it from the unique perspective of the brand new ‘Life Cycles’ theory. All of my articles are related and I suggest at the very least, that new readers have a look at my first five theoretical articles to get an appropriate background.

Lance is a legend in the sport of cycling. As big a colossus as Tiger Woods is in golf or Roger Federer in tennis. Seven times winner of the Tour de France and at the age of 37 he finished third and will probably compete again. What does the brand new and totally different Life Cycles theory have to say about him? What is the essence of Lance? What drives him? To find out the answer you have to first look at events in his ‘Years of Revolution’. These are every twelve years, so this means particularly his adult years of 24 and 36.

Biographical summaries will say that just past his 24th year he was formally diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer. He had immediate surgery and chemotherapy and his doctor gave him less than 50% chance of survival. There can be no question that this awful disease became manifest in his 24th year. What a challenge did the Revolution bring! But he fought back. He finished chemotherapy in December 1996 and by January 1998 his cancer had gone into complete remission. He recommenced cycling and his first Tour de France win came in the next year.

What marked a continuation of this theme twelve years later? This time it coincided with a decision to return to competitive cycling, announced just prior to his 37th birthday, with the express aim of competing in the 2009 Tour. But now however he was doing it to raise global awareness of the cancer burden. He will receive no salary or bonuses and post his blood test results on-line. Can you see that he wants take the fight against cancer from a personal battle to an important social issue (as others have also done). His cycling however is the unique vehicle (excuse the pun) that gives him the global profile to do it.

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