Wheelchair Vans For the Handicapped

People with disabilities that are dependent on a wheelchair for their mobility face many obstacles that many people do not understand. Just getting out of bed in the morning is monumental task. Those of us that consider daily activities normal are extremely difficult for physically challenged individuals. Many business concerns and social activity locations take little consideration for access for these people. The person in a wheelchair requires access ramps to their dwelling and to any location they wish to frequent.

The power wheelchair and electric scooter have made everyday activities much easier for the occupant. Wheelchairs now have tight radius turning and fully handicap placard adjustable seats. This makes navigating their home and outside world much more pleasant. The most concerning issue with the electric wheelchair is the weight. The lead base batteries are extremely heavy and must be recharged daily. Special concerns become apparent when attempting to transport the wheelchair and the occupant at the same time.

Wheelchair van manufacturers have been converting the minivan for many years now. The minivan has become the standard now for transporting wheelchair and occupant. The manufacturers now make available models in side entry and rear entry. The floors in the vans are lowered on an average of ten inches. There is then a ramp installed either in the side or the rear which is automated and operated by push button. Many models even kneel in the rear to lesson the steepness of the ramp. This makes it much simpler for the wheelchair to enter the van.

There are many options involved with wheelchair vans. There are seating options to consider for your family. These minivans with wheelchair conversions can seat as many as six people and the wheelchair occupant at one time. There is also an option that allows the wheelchair occupant to transfer to a special seat. They can then move forward to the steering wheel and drive the van. Most mobility specialists also offer many different types of hand controls. This permits the driver to operate the vehicle with their hands. This eliminates the need for leg control. The accelerator pedal and brake pedal are operated by the hand and arm.

The group Transportation Alternatives has launched a website where people can upload photos of illegally parked cars sporting parking permits & placards. The background is that while city government officials and workers are often issued special parking permits, these are only intended to be used while on official duty.

The problem is that some owners of these placards overuse and abuse their parking permits. Not only do they use them when not on the job, but they double park, park on sidewalks and block handicap access ramps and fire hydrants. There is no question that police should be able to park just about anywhere during an emergency, but someone who works in a courthouse should not be able to leave their car wherever they feel like it just because they leave a piece of paper on their dashboard.

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