Eligibility Requirements For the LEED Green Associate (GA) And LEED AP With Specialty Exam

As you may already know, there are now two different levels of LEED exams a person can take to enroll into LEED Version 3: the LEED Green Associate (LEED GA) exam, and a LEED AP Specialty exam CEH v10. New in LEED v3, there are now eligibility requirements that a person must fulfill in order to be qualified to take either the LEED GA exam and the LEED Specialty exam. The eligibility requirements are different for both and are detailed in this article.

To be eligible for the LEED Green Associate exam, a person must fulfill at least one of the following eligibility options. The first option is to have previous experience supporting a LEED registered project. Secondly, a person can have experience working in a sustainable field of work. The architecture and engineering fields are obviously in a sustainable field of work, but the eligibility requirements becomes a little obscure with other, “less obvious”places of work. Simply put, if a place of work can somehow related to sustainability and green design, then it will most likely qualify for the eligibility requirement.

For the LEED AP with Specialty exam, which includes Building Design and Construction (BD&C), Interior Design and Construction (ID&C), Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (O&M), LEED for Homes and LEED for Neighborhood Development, there is simply just one eligibility requirement. However, the requirement is one that is sure to be a hurdle for many new candidates who want to become a LEED AP under LEED Version 3. A person applying for a LEED AP specialty exam must have previous experience with a LEED registered project within three years of the application submittal date.

Many people will not be able to meet this requirement. If this is the case, those people can always become eligible for a LEED Green Associate exam and pass that first, and hopefully gain experience working on a LEED registered project, thus enabling them to take a LEED AP Specialty exam.

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