Study Tips for Exams

The time of exams is the time when you feel scared, careless or confident about what you did through the year CCNA certification . I’ve been through all of them, the worst feeling is when I felt scared or careless and the best feeling is when I am confident about what I did through the year.

The problem is when fear paralyzes the student to study hard before exams. This is the time when you should know that this fear could be used in a positive way to study hard and gather the most out of your subject.

Write the questions of previous years’ exams: the first thing you need to know is to know what are the main parts of the subject, and the fastest way to know this is by writing the questions of previous years’ exams. Writing questions for 3 to 5 exams from previous years, will give you a quick and deep insight about the subject and what are the parts that you should focus on more.

Start with the parts you know best: don’t start studying for exams with the parts you don’t know. It’s recommended to start studying the parts you know. It is also recommended to divide the parts you know among the parts that you don’t know so that you don’t feel bored while studying for exams.

Study the next subject that you will have exam in, only: you may think of studying the subject of the exam after your next exam because you have some extra time. Doing so can confuse you while solving your next exam, so it is recommended not to study for the exam which is after your next exam not to get confused.

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