Double MBA Degrees

Opponents of this approach believe there is no need to waste time and money to obtain double degree, because missing specific knowledge can be successfully replaced with experience. However, judging by the fact the number of dual degree programs offered by universities is not shrinking, but rather constantly increasing, nobody believes opponents of dual diplomas.

Supporters of such programs consider they are more adapted to global changes in our lives, as tend to combine general management information provided at general MBA programs, as well as in-depth specified information on one or another specialty part time mba.

For example, recently Harvard University added MD / MBA to its dual degree MBA programs. Species of such degrees include: Master of management of medical institutions MBA (MHA / MBA), Master of Dentistry MBA (DMD / MBA) or Master of Nursing MBA (MSN / MBA). Of course, Harvard’s brand is worthy to be mentioned by a respected agency once again. However, this program is not new, and a link of medicine / business is already used by other business schools.

For example, University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, University of Washington Business School, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management. Forty-one American business schools offer medicine / MBA degrees.

The content of education includes both general and specific knowledge in medical field. During first year, students study accounting, financial management, international business, international law, macro-and microeconomics, information technology management, and marketing, general management theory. During second, third and fourth years, training takes place at a medical school. The fifth course involves studying specialized health facility management skills and completion of education at a medical school.

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