How to Smoke a Cigar (and Not Look Like a Heathen in the Process)

Not everyone in the world knows how to smoke a cigar. Even those that smoke cigars regularly do not necessarily know how to smoke a cigar. How so? Smoking cigars is like showing dogs: there is skill involved, as well as a certain beauty and sophistication.

Here are some tips for how to smoke a cigar:

· To learn how to smoke a cigar properly, you do not need to wear a smoking jacket. In fact, make sure that you do not wear one, unless it really helps you get into the mood.

· If you have never smoked one before, be sure to practice in privacy first. Stumbling through the process of smoking your first cigar is not going to place you in high esteem! And it certainly will not make you look sophisticated.

· If you find yourself in a position in which you cannot properly practice smoking a cigar first, be sure to watch everything that your cigar-smoking companions do, and mimic them!

Alright, now that we have covered the finer points, let us go on to how to smoke a cigar with class and esteem:

Before you can learn how to smoke a cigar, you must learn how to pick one out.

· If you are new to smoking cigars, and you do not want to cough, you are going to want to start 蒙特克里斯托雪茄 out with a longer, thinner one rather than a stubby one. Thicker, shorter cigars are much more intense.

· Make sure that the cigar consists of 100% tobacco.

· Gently squeeze the cigar to make sure there are no lumps in it.

· Make sure there is not discoloration of the tobacco at the end.

Once you have chosen your cigar and you are ready to smoke it, you must first cut it.

· Do not simply bite off the end with your teeth. This is hardly effective, and you will look like a heathen.

· Instead, create a straight cut by using a single-bladed cutter. For added effectiveness, use a double bladed cigar cutter.

· Aim for the spot where the cigar meets the wrapper. Be sure to leave enough of the cap surrounding the wrapper.

· Horizontally chop off the head. (You do this while the wrapper is still on).

Once you have cut the cigar, you can move onto lighting it. This is where you can add a little extra, personal style.

· If possible, definitely use a cigar lighter (this will keep the smell and taste of the cigar at their best).

· Technically, you can use other flames to light a cigar, but just try to stick with a cigar lighter! More refined cigar smokers can definitely taste the difference between a cigar lit with a candle and one lit with a cigar lighter.

And in the end, you get to smoke it (finally!)

· Remove the band (after you have puffed on the cigar around 10 times)… do not remove this until the cigar has been lit.

· Most importantly, do not inhale! Hold the smoke in your mouth and enjoy the flavor.

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