Nowadays, there is favorite online game that circulating and are loved by game lovers. Mentioning online games, you could say almost everyone in all corners of the world knows what online games are. An online game is a game that can be played online via the internet, where the game requires devices such as laptops or computers, or smartphones.

Basically the online game itself is fun because in this game there are various different modes that are fun domino99 . This is what makes many people want to try to feel to play these online games. One of the favorite online game is Mobile Legend.

Yes, who doesn’t know Mobile Legend, this moba-themed game itself is an idol or favorite at this time where this game is the game that is most often played everywhere. The players themselves also vary from students to adults. It’s not even surprising that many people are willing to spend money just to improve the game characters in this game.

Good game characters in Mobile Legend can make someone win easily. Actually, playing online games is not a serious problem that must be faced by the people, because it can be seen that there are many tournaments that really bring the name of the nation to the world stage through the game world itself.


Playing their own favorite online game like Mobile Legend is not a problem as long as the players don’t forget their obligations. Do not playing online games for a long time, because as we know that something that is excessive is certainly not good for us.

One of the effects that can be caused is that it makes us easily tired, this is because when we play online games we just stay silent to play via a computer or smartphone where muscles should also move for humans, the second thing is the minus eye effect that can resulting only from too long staring at a computer or smartphone.

This is because the ultraviolet light that is presented is of course not good for the eyes if it is too long. Apart from mobile legends, there are many other favorite games include PUBG, Mine Craft, Valorant, and of course many more. A favorite online game can also be played via a computer or smartphone

Playing favorite online game is actually not too dangerous when compared to the effects caused by gambling. Where, of course, as we all know, the effects of gambling are numerous, such as causing bankruptcy, wasting time, making people poor and others. And people play gambling in their own style and with the gambling choices they like, including dominoqq online, Domino Qq, poker and so on.

For the danger or not in playing online games, of course online games will not cause harm if they are played not too long and are still within reasonable limits.

Games can provide its own entertainment for those who play it. In addition, games can also hone the intelligence of players, especially children because in a game like Mobile Legend, one must know how to win, how to avoid enemies and so on.

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