I will Fly Away Not necessarily the Song – The Truth is definitely Still Stranger compared to Fiction

Three landscapes about if the treatment of believers occurs are held by just about all Christians all over the world. Individuals who think our company is taken at the beginning of the great tribulation are pre-tribulationists. Those who believe the snatching away happens in the particular middle of typically the great tribulation are usually the mid-trib folks. Finally there are the post tribulationists, that is self informative.

Anyone holding one particular of the three views mentioned comes with an ample supply of proof texts to support their views. Very few confirmation texts are offered for the article tribulation theory and it is scarcely supportable. Most men and women are on the side in the pre-tribulation rapture; unfortunately it is often regarding the wrong reasons. Many people view a pre-tribulation rapture as an huge escape hatch. Whenever the going gets rough the pretribulationists just get proceeding, or just acquire gone. The fact that their views may be right doesn’t diminish the particular fact that it does not take view most most likely to leave the particular believer unprepared.

This is being human in order to take the course of least resistance but it really is high folly to think that will be offered right at the particular point when issues start really having rough. The bottom line with regard to the unprepared is that they can only wish their views are right. But hope is actually a long method from preparedness.

A lot of Christians have failed to do typically the math, not in order to mention engaging good sense. It is easy to see exactly why this may happen considering that nobody definitely wants to discover their world split up from the roots, in addition to typically the vast sticky bottom of apocalyptic interpretations and speculations this is easy in order to get confused. Since a result that they have not seen that one regarding the simplest techniques to know once the rapture will take place is obviously provided in bible verses. It is not a lot when, although it will be the most up-to-date point when this could happen, as well as a promise that it can’t happen ahead of a particular event.

The particular prophet Daniel spoken of it hundreds involving years before Christ. Jesus reiterated it with a few more details. Finally Bible facts regarding Revelation shows this a pivotal celebration in the view into the future. Simply set the event is the abomination of desolation. When ye consequently shall see the particular abomination desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, take a position in the ay place, (whoso readeth, let him know. ) Mt 24: 15 And forearms shall stand in the part, and they will shall pollute typically the sanctuary of strength, and shall get away the day-to-day sacrifice, and they will shall place typically the abomination that maketh desolate. Daniel 14: 31 And from the time that the daily sacrifice should be taken away, and even the abomination that maketh desolate set in place up, there will he a 1000 100 amid eighty days. Daniel 13: 11

Enough time is halfway from the last seven years in which in turn the antichrist regulations the world. Typically the result is typically the pouring out regarding the wrath of God. Rev of sixteen: 2. Without having bogged down in eschatological theory, semantic expression games or other second coming hype here is typically the picture in all of its blaring simplicity. Since the particular wrath of Lord is not poured away before the antichrist does the abomination of desolation this means this is the final point we may possibly be on the earth according to be able to the promise associated with I Thessalonians just one: 10. As this is correct, that puts typically the mid-tribulationists first choice to purchase involving those who will be probably to have it right. This kind of kind of meaning comes under typically the heading of… if the scripture tends to make plain sense, look for no other sense.

I always appendage my personal teaching on the particular rapture using this equally important fact, the rapture could arrive at any moment God chooses to make it happen. All theology is controlled by the greatest sovereignty of The almighty. The pre-tribulation concept is the nearly all petted, preferred plus defended for some sort of reason. This is because believers fail to separate between who and what is leading to the tribulation in those last times. The antichrist can make trouble for the believer, and in that case God makes problems for the antichrist. We are guaranteed that God will not pour his wrath from his / her own but were never promised that individuals can escape the particular troubles incurred at the onset of typically the rule of the particular antichrist. Rather, we all are told to resist his principle which of alone implies trouble Mk 8: 35.

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