Foods of the French Food Pyramid

The French food pyramid would be a lot like the food pyramids that we have here in the West. The food pyramid is presented in diagram form, those foods which you are supposed to be eating, and the recommended level of those foods. The French pyramid is exactly

the same from that extent. French cuisine is some of the most beautiful and diverse in the world. In fact the French are renowned for their culinary talents. The French food pyramid includes many of the same foods that we have on the USDA food pyramid.

At the bottom level of the French food pyramid is all the grains that you can eat. The French love to eat bread, croissants, and pastries. So there is a lot of focus on white flour products in French cooking. At the next level up in the pyramid are the very diverse range of fruits

and vegetables that are available on the French market. Some of the more uncommon international vegetables include truffles. Like a normal pyramid, you should be eating between four and seven servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

The rise and fall of French cuisine | French food and drink | The Guardian

The French love their meat and fish 法國美食香港. They also have some fantastic dairy products including over one thousand cheeses of which many are covered by the European law protecting their designated origin. The more unusual foods in the meat and fish department that the

French enjoy eating include frogs legs, escargot (snails to you or me), and of course horsemeat. Although the French diet is not the healthiest on the planet, it must be one of the tastiest that you can have.

The French revolution is coming to the UK! But it’s okay, before you rush out for your pike and helmet, it’s only a food revolution that’s breaking down our doors and demanding attention. To be honest, it’s probably about time French food online became something more of us start looking into.

In the UK we haven’t exactly got a worldwide reputation for outstanding food and delicate cuisine. Deep friend Mars Bars, late night kebab and chips and perhaps a steak and kidney pie and peas is about the limit of our expertise. It’s not something to be entirely proud of.

Then there’s France – perhaps the single most influential place in the world for outstanding cuisine, revolutionary cooking and first class ingredients. When it comes to French food, UK consumers are split into two groups – those who like it, and those who haven’t ever tried it. There really isn’t a third category of people who have tried French food and not liked it. Unless of course your experience in French food starts and stops with snails (which are actually delicious!)

So if you’re already looking for French food online then the chances are you’re an active member of the French food revolution – one of the increasing proportion of people fed up with supermarkets farming poor quality, uninspiring fare on to us, and who want something more for your taste buds, and your money.

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