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Knowledge Process Outsourcing is picking pace in India. In Knowledge Process Outsourcing the focus is on knowledge expertise. It is just the higher end of Business Process Outsourcing. Knowledge Process Outsourcing delivers high value to organizations by providing domain-based processes and business expertise rather than just process expertise.

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After reaping the benefits of outsourcing low -end processes to India, foreign companies are now trying to outsource the high-end processes to the country.

In Business Process Outsourcing there is a predefined way to solve a problem Content Writing Services. Business Process Outsourcing’s normally include transaction processing , setting up a bank account, selling an insurance policy, technical support , voice & e-mail based support. While in Knowledge Process Outsourcing the knowledge solution for various sectors is provided like- investment solution through their personal guidance about the information’s and insight of every investments option available today, unsorted data going through a black box and coming out as useful information.

India has a large pool of knowledge workers in various sectors ranging from Pharmacy, Medicine, Law, Biotechnology, Education & Training, Engineering, Design & Animation, Research & Development, Paralegal Content and even Intelligence services that can be put to use in a Knowledge Process Outsourcing .

The Knowledge Process Outsourcing services that can be outsourced to India are:
Research & Development,Business and Technical Analysis, Learning Solutions, Animation & Design, Business & Market Research, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Medical Services, Writing & Content Development, Legal Services, Intellectual Property (IP) Research, Data Analysis, Network Management, Training & Consultancy

As per National Association of Software & Service Company estimates, the Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry is expected to grow by 45 per cent by 2010. Out of the $16 billion, which the Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry is likely to earn around $12 billion, would be outsourced from India.

The ideal Knowledge Process Outsourcing employee should possess domain specialization, computer skills & English proficiency. With the Indian way of education which lays great emphasis on higher education & specialization, a talent pool with specialized knowledge in any field is readily available. According to the study, India could emerge as a global Knowledge Process Outsourcing hub as the business requires specialized knowledge in respective domains and the countries engineering, technical & management institutes are geared to address the manpower demand.

At present Knowledge Process Outsourcing offers an alternate career path for the educated. Everyone ranging from CA’s, MBA’s, Master in Computer Application’s, layer, doctors are heading towards Knowledge Process Outsourcing because they pay more & the working hours are more civilized. A MBA or a plain medicine degree is sufficient to catch the job..
Low-end outsourcing services have an expected Cumulative Annual Growth Rate of 26% by 2010. In contrast, the global Knowledge Process Outsourcing market is poised for an expected Cumulative Annual Growth Rate of 46% by 2010. The following figure demonstrates the expected growth in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing market over the next few years.
Knowledge Process Outsourcing requires advanced analytical & specialized skill of knowledge workers. India has a large pool of knowledge workers & because of this India has been ranked the most preferred Knowledge Process Outsourcing destination owing to the country’s large talent pool, quality IT training, friendly government policies & low labor cost. Even there is a chance to work as a freelancer.

You name a service and Knowledge Process Outsourcing will provide the resources, by identifying the right people for the organization. The role of Knowledge Process Outsourcing is Analyzing and understanding organizations requirements, Identifying the core experienced person, Setting up module wise work to be assigned to a person, Assigning the job to the right people, Monitoring the day to day development, Concurrent reporting of information, Time management, Quality checking’s, Risk analysis, Successful execution of the work.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing is providing a complete back office processing from India. A dedicated person is deputed on monthly remuneration and he will provide complete communication system so that organization will be well informed about development of the job & can run a well controlled project.
If you are looking for accepting challenges and implementing innovative ideas then you can join any Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry. KPOWEB is a one organization which works on such projects. They provide you unique opportunity to work from India for National and international clients. This is nothing like WORK FROM HOME Hype, but a true professional career utilizing your Knowledge and efficiency.

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