Article Marketing Mastermind Notebooks – Part 3 – Advanced

As you continue to write articles as part of your online marketing strategy with article marketing, you will have learnt about both technical and creative methods to increase your strategy’s effectiveness.

I am assuming that as you are reading this advanced Mastermind Notebook, you already have a good understanding of why you are using article marketing as an online marketing strategy; devised ways to continuously stimulate your creativity; know how to write attention grabbing headlines and are clear how critically important they are; understand how to automate the submission of your articles to multiple ezine sites and have multiple, optimized Resource and Bio boxes linking to your high converting squeeze pages! Right?

Great because all of this research and time you have spent will prepare you well for one of Leonardo da Vincis most advanced techniques for creativity and ingenuity, two aspect you must posses to be successful at writing articles as well as devising online marketing strategies.

This technique assumes that you understand that everything connects. That is you should look to make disparate connections between different things and work on ways to connect and combine these things to create something completely different.

An example is an Article I have written called ‘Article Marketing – Harvest Time’ whereby I connect growing vegetables in my garden as a child to implementing article marketing strategies. This creative connectivity of all things is possibly the most important creative thinking skill you can develop and practice to ensure your articles:

· Stand out from the crowd

· Remain Interesting and insightful

· Continue to inspire you and others to action

Even at this advanced level, with a thorough understanding of these power techniques for creating genuinely original and inventive works to set you article marketing efforts apart from your competitor and ensure you are read more often, we still need to take some time to increase our technical ability in the article marketing methodology in line with our growing stable of articles and new technologies.

Keyword Density

This is not a lesson on keyword identification but if you are interested in creating traffic from organic search engine results for your article as well as creating traffic back-link clicks, then you must be sure of your niches competitive keywords & popular keywords and which keywords you are targeting to absolutely own in your niche.

If you choose too many keywords you’ll be writing nonsensical sentences and paragraphs to squeeze them all in, choose too few and your article wont rank organically. Basically try and front load your article a little so both your readers and the indexing engines see the relevance of your article, immediately.

Multiple Pen Names

When you become very successful with your article marketing strategy, you will create both a list of loyal readers as well as spies. These online marketing spies will look to your article headlines, content, bio box and resources box layout and copy to duplicate what you are doing and implement it in their own online marketing strategies.

Probably the easiest and legal way to minimize the impact of this spying is to write under different names or pen names. This is commonly done by authors in all fields and whilst Leonardo da Vinci did to my knowledge never publish anything under another name, he did change his name to Leonardo da Vinci.

Article length

This really depends what you are writing about and most ezines have a minimum and maximum word limit. I would fully expect that as you start to implement some of these creative mind exercises such as connectivity, observation, notebooking and the 3step topic approach, keeping your articles shorter, rather than longer will be your challenge.

I like to spill my brain and then clean it up after, don’t stifle your creativity by trying to fit in a word limit. Having said that as you goal is to publish many articles on many sites, if you can write 2000 words on a subject, you would be better positioned to make this four separate articles and generate four times the interest from Search Engine spiders and robots as well as real readers!

600-1000 words is usually a good rule of thumb. Note each of these Mastermind Notebooks is about 1000 words, and that is typically what I aim for. Some like about 800 words as 1000 words can be pushing it for some people’s attention span.

Multiple URLs

Your link strategy is, as part of your Resource and Bio box, key to maximizing the traffic you can create from interested, engaged, buy ready prospects. Whilst PPC can drive a lot of traffic to your money site, you inevitable pay for a lot of tire kickers. Article Marketing provides a rare opportunity to bond with your readers far beyond any PPC campaign and their commitment to finish your article demonstrates their openness to learn more and potentially purchase.

Whether you are using a single or multiple pen names, at this advanced level it is likely you have scores or possibly hundreds of articles online. Whilst I would not immediately recommend this linking strategy to those just starting, alternating your links from article to article can diversify your online marketing strategy’s reach and enable you to implement some effective tracking and split testing, more on this in part 4.


Can any effective online marketing strategy today not have twitter as part of it?

Article Marketing provides marketers a method to use the game changing social tool, the right way. Sure you can manually post your links from your online articles, or utlise the service that some ezine and article sites now provide to regularly and automatically post your articles to your account, as they are published.

I like to use twitter to change my attention grabbing headlines into attention grabbing questions. SHOCK! HORROR!

Actually using twitter to engage with people rather than just posting mundane promotional messages is a highly effective and productive method to both ask questions to stimulate further articles for yourself, but of course also to get your followers to read your latest articles by grabbing their attention…getting retweeted and receiving more followers to send your articles to

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