Stun Guns – How They Work

 Stun Guns – How They Work

Stun Guns, hence the name are not actually guns at all. They are electronic devices that use electrodes that are set at the end or the side of the mechanism .38 special ammo . When the electrodes are pressed against an assailant they are stunned by a high voltage low amperage current that speeds up muscle movement, depleting the muscles of needed blood sugars. This results in the muscles to stop working and the assailant is rendered helpless for thirty to forty five minutes, allowing the victim to get away and seek help. Once a person has contact with the Stun Gun, the process only takes a few seconds and is very painful but will not cause permanent damage. Even if the assailant has prior heart trouble the research shows it will not upset the condition.

One common misconception people have is they are concerned about the electrical current being passed back to them if an assailant is holding on to them. This is false because the person being stunned uses up all of the electrical current in their own muscles. It cannot be passed back. There are a few scenarios that the owner of the gun could be stunned accidentally. First, if the gun was taken away. Many models now have wrist straps attached to a pin on the gun that will render the gun useless when pulled from the owners hand. Second, if the gun is allowed to get wet then fired. Finally, if the safety switch is not on and the trigger is pulled and the gun is allowed to touch the owner.

Stun Guns come in different shapes, sizes and voltage ratings. The higher the voltage rating, the more intimidating and the faster the gun will work. But don’t get to caught up in voltage ratings, just about every gun on the market today has enough voltage to take down a large man. The voltage ratings range anywhere from 200,000 volts to 4.5 million. There are three basic types of Stun Guns. First, you have a mini or pocket stun that can fit in your hand. Second, you have a Standard that is usually around six to eight inches. Finally, you have a Baton style that will range from fifteen to twenty inches and is very popular with Law Enforcement, Security Guards and even Professional Truck Drivers.

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