Choosing a Golf Cart Heater

No one wants to be cold! Choosing a golf cart heater can help you stave off the chill on those days when the temps are low. When you have a good, reliable golf cart heater installed you can play longer into the season and with more comfort. But how do you decide which type is best for you and your vehicle? That is the trick and we hope to help you by offering some tips on this subject.

One of the very first things you need to do before you go out and buy any type of golf cart heater is stop and consider the current state of your vehicle. If your vehicle is pretty snug and airtight you can use a lower powered heat source choice carts. The reason for this is simple: your enclosure will hold the warmth longer. If, on the other hand, your vehicle is not very snuggly and airtight, you will certainly need to purchase a unit that can deliver more BTU’s. Failure to do this might result in the unit you buy being totally worthless to you and your passengers.

In terms of BTU’s, a fairly airtight vehicle can be warmed with a unit that delivers anywhere from 2500 to 3000 BTU’s. This is enough warmth to knock off the chill and raise the inside temperature of the vehicle about 25 degrees. If your vehicle is not very airtight, you should consider buying a golf cart heater that can deliver much more on the BTU count. There are units available to can go as high as 10, 000.

For those who need bigger units one way to help maximize the warmth that is delivered is to tape off or seal as many air holes as you can. This may make your vehicle look odd, but you can always take the tape off when the weather warms up.

In terms of types, you have two main options. One is the propane cylinder type of golf cart heater and the other is the electric type. Most golfers today prefer to use the more compact propane type. These require refilling after about seven hours of use, but they can deliver a lot of warmth at a low cost. These units can be removed with you as you leave the vehicle and can even be used in other areas such as the garage or the boat. Newer models do not require you to light with a match or other type of open flame. This type of golf cart heater is very safe to use and very good at warming up small enclosures.

The other option is to have an electric golf cart heater installed permanently onto the engine. This type does not require any refueling as it works off the heat generated by the engine. This choice is more expensive upfront as installation is required. However, this choice is less expensive over the long run as there is no need to buy propane. Many people are shocked with the amount of different options which are available to them when choosing golfing carts. This isn’t only true of the manufacturer, which does need to be taken into account, but it’s also true of the diverse models which are available from your manufacturer of choice. If you want some of the best and most trustworthy choices that you have open to you, Club Car golfing cars will be able to provide this on a regular basis. Here are some of the options that you’ve got open to you.

As far as just a standard golf cart is concerned Club Car is ready to supply several different choices. For the main part, folks have a tendency to get these golfing carts to be used around their neighborhood or perhaps to find a way around their property when they own some acreage. At other times, you may be getting a fleet of Club Car golfing cars to use on your golf course. Regardless of why you’re using one of these items, it is going to provide you with reliability and that’s something that everyone is looking for. After all, having your golfing cars running at all times is a prerequisite for all of us.

If you tend to transport additional people around on a regular basis, there also are some carts that are accessible from this company which can help you. These people movers are good for bigger rental properties where you will be taking possible clients to see the assorted units that are available. It’s also an excellent way to transport one or two folks in style, as the Club Car golf cars that are accessible for this reason are little short of glorious in this respect. You’ve got your choice of four, six or eight seat cars.

If you would like to use your golfing car for some more rough riding, there are several utility vehicles that are available which could be able to look after this for you easily. Club Car has been supplying these for several years, and they are among some of the best in the business. Many are custom made, having a large compartment in the rear where you can store tools or haul items around your property. Others are off road vehicles that can take quite a thrashing. Irrespective of what you need one of these small carts for, they’re bound to have one that is excellent for your needs.

One further option that you have open to you is the refreshment center golfing car. This is something that’s superb for a bigger golf course and you can truly maximize your profits when you’re taking refreshments to individuals out playing on the course. You have your choice of the Caf express and the Caf express deluxe, which is able to hold more items and to give additional choices to the people to whom you are delivering the items. Both could be ideal for use on the course.

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